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The Condor, Volume 55, Number 3 (1953)

3 (May-June)


Recent Observations on Birds of Anaho Island, Pyramid Lake, Nevada. 105-116.
David B. Marshall, Leroy W. Giles.
Precocious Sexual Development in the Juvenal English Sparrow. 117-120.
John Davis.
Life History of the Southern House Wren. 121-149.
Alexander F. Skutch.
Notes and News. 163.
Cooper Society Meetings. 164-166.
Cooper Ornithological Society, Financial Statement for 1952. 167-168.

From Field and Study

A Young California Condor (A Photograph). 150.
Carl B. Koford.
Protracted Incubation Behavior of a Female American Goldfinch. 151.
Andrew J. Berger.
Food of the Common Merganser in Churchill County, Nevada. 151-152.
J. R. Alcorn.
Lapland Longspur and Snow Bunting Recorded in Utah. 152.
Merlin L. Killpack.
Hybridization of Cinnamon and Blue-Winged Teal in Northeastern California. 152-153.
William Anderson, A. W. Miller.
Additional Notes on Korean Birds. 153-154.
Richard M. Straw.
Erythrocyte Permeability and Bird Relationships. 154-155.
Richard F. Johnston, Benjamin Hochman.
Rufous Hummingbird Nesting in California. 155-156.
Robert R. Talmadge.
Additional Notes on the Birds of Santa Rosa Island, California. 156.
Egmont Z. Rett.
Unrecorded Specimens of Neochloe Brevipennis Taken in Oaxaca. 156-157.
Marjorie A. Briggs.
Three Cases of Twin Embryos in Passerine Birds. 157-158.
Andrew J. Berger.
Wilson Phalaropes as Commensals. 158.
George G. Williams.
Dipper Eaten By Brook Trout. 158.
Ned K. Johnson.
Notes on the Red Crossbills of the Uinta and Wasatch Mountains, Utah. 158-160.
Robert K. Selander.
American Golden-Eye in Sonora, Mexico. 160.
Ernest S. Booth.
Additional Bird Records From Southern Nevada. 160.
Gordon W. Gullion.
The Breeding Distribution of Chordeiles Minor in Mexico. 160-161.
Robert K. Selander, Miguel Alvarez Del Toro.
English Sparrows Nesting Within Nest of Red-Tailed Hawks. 161-162.
G. Victor Morejohn.
A Palm Warbler in Autumn at Point Lobos Reserve, California. 162.
Ken Legg.

Publications Reviewed

The Study of Instinct, By N. Tinbergen. 163-164.
Frank A. Pitelka.
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