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The Condor, Volume 51, Number 1 (1949)

1 (January-February)


Life History of the Ruddy Quail-Dove. 3-19.
Alexander F. Skutch.
Avian Fossils From the Marine Pleistocene of Southern California. 20-28.
Hildegarde Howard.
Bird Observations at Johnson River, Alaska. 29-34.
Lawrence H. Walkinshaw, John J. Stophlet.
Variation in the North American Forms of Western Flycatcher. 35-39.
Pierce Brodkorb.
The Seasonal Occurrence of Rosy Finches at Juneau, Alaska. 40-42.
Ralph B. Williams.
Publications Reviewed. 46.
Notes and News. 46.
Cooper Club Meetings. 47-48.

From Field and Study

The Baer Pochard, a Bird New to the North American Fauna. 43-44.
Herbert Friedmann.
Eye-Color of the Green Jay in Mexico. 44.
Robert B. Lea, Ernest P. Edwards.
The Dickcissel in California. 44.
Kenneth E. Stager.
The Oven-Bird and the American Redstart in Imperial Valley, California. 44-45.
Eugene E. Cardiff, Bruce E. Cardiff.
An Unusual Mourning Dove Nest. 45.
James Hodges.
The Saw-Whet Owl in Los Angeles County, California. 45.
Jack C. Couffer.
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