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The Condor, Volume 49, Number 2 (1947)

2 (March-April)


Breeding Birds of the Forest Edge in Illinois. 45-53.
Verna R. Johnston.
Breeding Behavior of the Black-Headed Grosbeak. 54-73.
Henry G. Weston, Jr..
Protocalliphora Larvae Infesting Nestling Birds of Prey. 74-75.
Harold M. Hill, Telford H. Work.
Wing Elements Assigned to Chendytest. 76-77.
Hidegarde Howard.
Notes on the Birds of the Dutch Harbor Area of the Aleutian Islands. 78-82.
Alvin R. Cahn.
Notes and News. 91.
Publications Reviewed. 91.
Cooper Club Meetings. 91-92.

From Field and Study

Mountain Chickadees Feeding Young Williamson Sapsuckers. 83.
Ward C. Russell.
Red-Tailed Hawk Feeding on Coot. 83-84.
Douglass H. Hubbard.
Food Items From Red-Tailed Hawk and Marsh Hawk Nests. 84.
R. M. Bond.
The Cardinal of Central Baja California. 84.
A. J. Van Rossem,.
Food of White-Tailed Kites on the Suisun Marsh. 84-85.
Emerson A. Stoner.
New Records for the Boulder Dam Area, Nevada. 85.
Gordon C. Baldwin.
Notes From Death Valley, California. 85.
Gordon L. Bolander.
The Hammond Flucatcher in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. 85.
Stanley G. Jewett.
Incubations in the Western Flycatcher. 86.
Huge G. Rodeck.
Notes on Finches of the Genus Carpodacus in Western Washington. 86-87.
J. W. Slipp.
Present Status of the Green Heron in Washington. 87.
Earl J. Larrison.
Effects of a Hailstorm in the Black Forest, Colorado. 87-88.
Louise Hering.
Belted Kingfisher Nesting in Ventura County, California. 88.
Sidney B. Peyton.
Orange-Crowned Warbler Wintering in Oregon. 88.
Gordon W. Gullion.
Cause of Death of a Flammulated Owl. 88.
Karl W. Kenyon.
Notes on Mississippi Kites in Hemphill County, Texas. 88-89.
Philip F. Allan.
Violet-Crowned Hummingbird in Arizona. 89.
Max M. Peet.
Bird Notes From Southeastern Arizona. 89-90.
Anders H. Anderson, Anne Anderson.
Baikal Teal Taken in California. 90.
John Laughlin.
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