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The Condor, Volume 46, Number 3 (1944)

Publication Information
3 (May-June)


The Sooty Shearwater in New Zealand. 93-107.
L. E. Richdale.
Early References to Territory in Bird Life. 108-111.
David Lack.
Food Habits of Blue Grouse. 112-120.
Robert E. Stewart.
Two New Subspecies of Birds From Alaska. 121-123.
Olaus J. Murie.
Notes and News. 131.
Minutes of Copper Club Meetings. 131-132.

From Field and Study

Brown Pelicans and Breaking Waves. 124.
Harvey I. Fisher.
The Louisiana Heron in Oregon. 124.
John C. Scharff.
A Deplumed Pileated Woodpecker. 124.
Allan Brooks.
Occurrences of the Blue Goose in New Mexico. 124-125.
Victor H. Cahalane, Richard E. Griffith.
The Nesting Season of the Ashy Petrel. 125-126.
Robert T. Orr.
American Golden-Eyes Feeding on Salmon Eggs. 126-127.
Philip L. Wright.
Avocet on Humboldt Bay, California. 127.
C. I. Clay.
Gulls as Vegetarians. 127-128.
Clarence Cottam.
A Secondary Function of the Gular Pouch of the White Pelican. 128.
William H. Behle.
A Record of the Old-Squaw in the San Joaquin Valley. 129.
R. H. Beck.
The American Redstart in Utah. 129.
Aaron Ross.
Rare Birds Seen in Southern California. 129-130.
Wyatt A. Kent.
Specimens of the Pacific Golden Plover From California. 130.
Alden H. Miller.
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