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The Condor, Volume 46, Number 2 (1944)

2 (March-April)


Discovery of a New Vireo of the Genus Neochloe in Southwestern Mexico. 41-45.
Alden H. Miller, Millen S. Ray.
The Reproductive Cycle of the Male Red-Winged Blackbird. 46-59.
Philip L. Wright, Margaret H. Wright.
The Life and Writings of James Moffitt. 60-66.
Hilda W. Grinnell.
Check-List of the Birds of Utah. 67-87.
William H. Behle.
Notes and News. 91.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 91-92.

From Field and Study

Methods of Grasping and Carrying Prey. 88.
Clarence A. Sooter.
Aerial Insect Feeding By the California's Gull. 88-89.
Walter W. Dalquest.
Notes on Some Birds Taken in Utah. 89.
Arthur C. Twomey.
California Cuckoo Collected in Eastern Oregon. 89-90.
Charles W. Quaintance.
A Coastal Record of the Emperor Goose in California. 90.
Robert T. Orr.
Observations of California Pine Grosbeak at Southern Limit of Range. 90.
William A. Dill.
Shower-Bathing in the Rain. 90.
William T. Shaw.
A Correction of Identification of Sandpipers. 90.
Arthur C. Twomey.
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