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The Condor, Volume 44, Number 6 (1942)

6 (November-December)


Regulation of Spring Migration in Juncos. 237-263.
Albert Wolfson.
Unusual Numbers of Dead Birds on the Washington Coast. 264-266.
Donald L. Mckernan, Victor B. Scheffer.
A Life History Study of the White-Tailed Kite. 267-276.
Albert C. Hawbecker.
The Northern Races of Piranga Flava. 277-279.
George Miksch Sutton, Allan R. Phillips.
Notes and News. 286.
Communications to the Editor. 286-287.
W. L. Mcatee.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 288.
Index to Volume 44. 289-300.

From Field and Study

The Aerial Capture of a White-Throated Swift By a Pair of Falcons. 280.
Lee W. Arnold.
Southern Record Station for the California Pine Grosbeak. 280.
Joseph S. Dixon.
Relationships of the Hawaiian Avifauna. 280-281.
Dean Amadon.
Bathing of Young Wren-Tit By Parent. 281.
Richard M. Eakin.
The Summer Food of Burrowing Owls in Costilla County, Colorado. 281-282.
William M. Longhurst.
American Redstart in Eastern Oregon. 282.
Charles W. Quaintance.
An Unusual Concentration of Hummingbirds. 282.
Ken Stott, Jr..
Costa Hummingbird at Papago Park, Arizona. 282-283.
Frank Bene.
A New Fossil Bird Locality. 283-284.
Loye Miller.
Townsend Solitaire Uses Camp Table for Nest Site. 284.
C. Anderson.
Notes on the Food of the Horned Owl Near Fallon, Nevada. 284-285.
J. R. Alcorn.

Publications Reviewed

Arthur C. Twomey's the Birds of the Uinta Basin, Utah"". 287-288.
Frank A. Pitelka.
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