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The Condor, Volume 44, Number 2 (1942)

2 (March-April)


Migration of the Tricolored Red-Wing in Central California. 45-53.
Johnson A. Neff.
Robert E. Rockwell: 1883-1941. 54-56.
Edward R. Warren.
June Bird Life of the Papago Indian Reservation, Arizona. 57-65.
George Miksch Sutton, Allan R. Phillips.
Food and Habitat of the Spotted Owl. 66-67.
Joe T. Marshall, Jr..
Occurrence and Nesting of Some Birds in the San Francisco Bay Region. 68-72.
Milton L. Seibert.
Notes and News. 82.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 83-84.

From Field and Study

Salt Feeding Habits of the House Finch. 73.
James G. Peterson.
The Lower California Nighthawk Not a Recognizable Race. 73-74.
A. J. Van Rossem.
An Unrecorded Eskimo Curlew From Colorado. 74.
Stanley G. Jewett.
Available Skeletons of the Passenger Pigeon. 74-75.
Frank A. Pitelka, Monroe D. Bryant.
Birds New to Bryce Canyon National Park. 75.
Russell K. Grater.
Purple Martins Using Leaves in Nest-Building. 75-76.
Oscar Mckinley Bryens.
Late Breeding Record for the Cassin Kingbird. 76.
Wilson C. Hanna.
Scaring Snow Geese. 76.
C. S. Williams.
Painted Redstart at Altadena, California. 76.
Walter I. Allen.
Insect Food at the Sage Thrasher. 76-77.
G. F. Knowlton, F. C. Harmston.
Vesper Sparrow and White Pelican as Late Migrants in Oregon. 77.
Clarence A. Scoter.
The Systematic Position of Ortalis Wagleri Gray. 77-78.
A. J. Van Rossem.
Pacific Gull Color-Banding Project. 78.
Mrs. M. C. Sargent.
Winter Records of the Sora Rail in Washington. 78-79.
J. W. Slipp, M. R. Flahaut.
Winter Range of Oklahoma's Hybrid Orioles. 79.
George Miesch Sutton.
Osprey at Baldwin Lake, San Bernardino Mountains. 79.
Wilson C. Hanna.
Interior Dowitcher in the State of Washington. 79.
Stanley G. Jewett.
European Starling in California. 79.
Stanley G. Jewett.
Prairie Falcon Food Habits. 79-80.
R. M. Bond.
February Records for the Black-Bended Grosbeak. 80.
Hilda W. Grinnell.
Social Behavior of the Oregon Junco. 80.
James G. Peterson.
Birds Affected By Botulian at Soda Lake, Nevada. 80-81.
J. R. Alcorn.
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