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The Condor, Volume 43, Number 1 (1941)

1 (January-February)


The Annals of Gymnogyps to 1900. 3-55.
Harry Harris.
Some Observations on Autumnal Behavior of the California Pine Grosbeak. 56-57.
Robert T. Orr.
Observations on the Behavior of a Young Cedar Waxwing. 58-64.
Margaret Morse Nice.
The Mormon Cricket as Food for Birds. 65-69.
Ira La Rivers.
Notes and News (Harry Harris Portrait). 79.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 79-80.

From Field and Study

Water Ouzel Raises Brood Under Difficulties. 70.
Russell K. Grater.
Extension of the Known Range of the Flammulated Screech Owl in California. 70.
Ned W. Stone.
Water-Thrush at Zion National Park, Utah. 70.
Russell K. Grater.
Notes on the Feeding Habits of Two Species of Hawks. 70-71.
John E. Cushing, Jr..
Waterfowl Breeding Records From San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, California. 71-72.
Harold M. Hill.
The Buccal Food-Carrying Pouches of the Rosy Finch. 72-73.
Alden H. Miller.
Colorado Nesting Records. 73-74.
Alfred M. Bailey, Fred G. Brandenburg.
A Note on the Food of the Western Burrowing Owl. 74.
W. J. Hamilton, Jr..
A New Race of Bush-Tit From Southeastern California. 74-75.
M. Dale Arvey.
The Columbia Sharp-Tailed Grouse in Lake County, Oregon. 75.
John E. Cushing, Jr..
Unusual Behavior of the Florida Gallinule. 75.
James G. Peterson.
Creepers and Sequoias. 75-76.
James Moffitt.
Lewis Woodpecker Migration. 76.
Clarence F. Smith.
The Fourth Record of the Brown Thrasher in California. 76.
Ethel C. Ayer.
Notes From San Diego County, California. 77.
Clinton G. Abbott.
Summer Records of the Great Gray Owl in Yellowstone National Park. 77-78.
W. S. Long.
An Additional Pleistocene Occurrence of the Murre, Uria Aalge. 78.
Alden H. Miller, Frank E. Peabody.
Late Nesting of the Band-Tailed Pigeon. 78.
Stanley G. Jewett.
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