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The Condor, Volume 42, Number 5 (1940)

5 (September-October)


Observations on the Black-Footed Albatross. 229-238.
Loye Miller.
Variation in the Introduced English Sparrow. 239-241.
David Lack.
A Nest of the Arctic Three-Toed Woodpecker. 242-245.
E. G. England.
Birds of Anaho Island, Pyramid Lake, Nevada. 246-250.
Richard M. Bond.
The Nomenclature and Habits of the Black-Throated Cooper-Tailed Hummingbird. 251-254.
Robert T. Moore.
The Warbling Vireo of the Cape District of Lower California. 255-258.
Charles G. Sibley.
Birds of Valles, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. 259-262.
George Miksch Sutton, Thomas D. Burleigh.
Notes and News (Florence Merriam Bailey and Vernon Bailey Portraits). 267.
Alden H. Miller.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 267-268.
Frances Carter, Sherwin F. Wood, Marion J. Theobald.

From Field and Study

A Hummingbird Accident. 263.
Emerson A. Stoner.
Nesting of the Ruby-Crowned Kinglet at Redlands, California. 263.
Milton Moore, Donald Moore.
The Lucy Warbler in New Mexico. 263-264.
E. O. Mollinger, Paul A. Stewart.
A Large Set of the Black Oyster-Catcher. 264.
L. Zerlang, T. Fraser.
Notes From the Salton Sea, California. 264-265.
Clinton G. Abbott.
Lark Bunting in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, California. 265.
Wilson C. Henna.
An Observation on the Feeding of the Southern Bald Eagle. 265-266.
Karl W. Kenyon.
Notes From San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties. 266.
Egmont Z. Rett.
A Record of the Eastern Mockingbird in British Columbia. 266.
Dennis Ashby.
Winter Record of Burrowing Owl in Northern California. 266.
Clarence A. Scoter.
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