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The Condor, Volume 42, Number 4 (1940)

4 (July-August)


Eight Years of Banding of Western Gulls. 189-197.
Reed W. Ferris.
Food Habits of the Northern Bald Eagle in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. 198-202.
Olaus J. Murie.
Frequency of Occurrence of Birds on the Berkeley Campus, University of California. 203-206.
Thomas L. Rodgers, Charles G. Sibley.
Rhythm in the Brooding and Feeding Routine of the Black-Chinned Hummingbird. 207-212.
Frank Bene.
Winter Occurrence of Summer Birds on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 213-214.
Ian Mctaggart Cowan.
The Distribution of the Western Solitary Sandpiper. 215-217.
P. A. Taverner.
Notes and News (With M. French Gilman Portrait). 225.
Alden H. Miller.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 225-228.
Sherwin F. Wood, Frances Carter, Alden H. Miller.
Officers and Members of the Cooper Ornithological Club. 173-188.

From Field and Study

Barnacles on Birds. 218.
Granville Ashcraft.
The Vermillion Flycatcher at Santa Barbara. 218.
Egmont Z. Rett.
Desert Sparrow Hawk and Pasadena Screech Owl in the Same Nest. 218.
Wilson C. Hanna.
More Notes on Salt-Feeding of Rex Crossbills. 218-219.
William H. Marshall.
A European Widgeon in Solano County, California. 219.
Emerson A. Stoner.
David Gelston Nichols. 219-220.
David Gelston Nichols.
New Bird Records for Lincoln County, Nevada. 220-222.
R. M. Bond.
Killdeer Swimming. 222.
Albert C. Howbecker.
Random Notes from the Humboldt Bay Area. 222.
John M. Davis.
Black Vultures Perch on Telephone Wires. 222-223.
Karl W. Kenyon.
An Unusually Low Nest of the Nuttall Woodpecker. 223-224.
J. Duncan Graham.
Extension of Range of the Black-Chinned Sparrow Into Utah. 224.
William H. Behle.
Plain Titmouse Occupies Cliff Swallow Nest. 224.
Charles G. Sibley, Donald Hemphill.

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