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The Condor, Volume 42, Number 3 (1940)

3 (May-June)


Nesting Habits of the Leucosticte. 133-139.
Ruth Wheeler.
The Molt of House Finches of the Pasadena Region, California. 140-153.
Harold Michener, Josephine R. Michener.
A New Pleistocene Turkey From Mexico. 154-156.
Loye Miller.
Variation in the American Goshawk. 157-160.
P. A. Taverner.
A Transition Island in the Mohave Desert. 161-163.
Alden H. Miller.
Notes and News. 171.
Alden H. Miller.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 171-172.
Sherwin F. Wood, Frances Carter.
Officers and Members of the Cooper Ornithological Club. 173-188.

From Field and Study

The Arctic Tern at Portland and Diamond Lake, Oregon. 164.
Stanley G. Jewett.
Varied Thrush Trapped By Acorn. 164.
David Gelston Nichols.
Food Habits of Horned Owls in the Pahranagat Valley, Nevada. 164-165.
R. M. Bond.
An Eagle Guard" Developed in Idaho". 166.
William H. Marshall.
Siberian Peregrine Falcon in North America. 166-167.
William H. Marshall.
Food Habits of the White-Tailed Kite. 168.
R. M. Bond.
Bush-Tit Nesting in Vicinity of Marshes. 168.
J. Duncan Graham.
Food of the Sharp-Shinned Hawk. 168-169.
J. A. Munro.
The House Finch in Western Oregon. 169.
Stanley G. Jewett.
New and Noteworthy Records of Birds for the State of Nevada. 169-170.
J. R. Alcorn.
Eared Grebe at Yakutat, Alaska-A Correction. 170.
T. M. Shortt.
Wood Ducks in Solano and Napa Counties, California. 170.
Emerson A. Stones.
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