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The Condor, Volume 41, Number 2 (1939)

2 (March-April)


The Mississippi Kite in Spring. 41-53.
George Miksch Sutton.
Observations on Raptorial Birds in the Lava Beds-Tule Lake Region of Northern California. 54-61.
Richard M. Bond.
More Observations on the Nesting of the Allen Hummingbird. 62-67.
Ernest I. Dyer.
Sea Birds Found Far Inland in Alaska. 68-70.
Otto William Geist.
Territorial Behavior of the Flammulated Screech Owl. 71-78.
Joe T. Marshall.
Notes and News. 87-89.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 89-92.

From Field and Study

How Does the Ruby-Crowned Kinglet's Crown Work?. 79.
Frances Carter.
Duration of Colonies of the Cliff Swallow. 79.
Harrison F. Lewis.
Nesting Habits of the Western Red-Tailed Hawk. 79-80.
Ross Hardy.
An Unusual Nesting Site of the Western Tanager. 80-81.
Ira L. Wiggins, Bruce L. Wiggins.
Notes on the Distribution of Herons in California. 81-82.
James Moffitt.
The White-Tailed Ptarmigan of Vancouver Island. 82-83.
Ian Mctaggart Cowan.
Red-Tailed Hawk as Possible Enemy of Skunk. 83.
Albert C. Hawbecker.
Old-Squaw Taken at San Diego, California. 83.
J. W. Sefton, Jr.
Notes on Some Birds Nesting in Northern Idaho. 84.
R. L. Hand.
Additional Notes on the Black Pigeon Hawk. 84-85.
Stanley G. Jewett.
Two Notable Records for Arizona. 85.
Fred M. Dille.
Telephone Wires Fatal to Sage Grouse. 85-86.
A. E. Borell.
Remarks on Alaska Savannah Sparrows. 86.
G. Willett.
Two New Bird Records for Utah. 86.
Ross Hardy.
Notes on Shorebirds From the San Francisco Bay Region. 86-87.
Walter F. Nichols.
Purple Finches Feeding on Cotoneaster Berries. 87.
Frances Carter.
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