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The Condor, Volume 40, Number 3 (1938)

3 (May-June)


Content, Meaning and Possible Origin of Male Song in the Brown Towhee. 97-101.
Charles W. Quaintance.
Frank Stephens, Pioneer. 101-110.
Lawrence M. Huey.
The White-Throated Sparrow in Western North America. 110-117.
Margaret W. Wythe.
The Western Frontier of the European Starling in the United States as of February, 1937. 118-123.
L. M. Dickerson.
Notes and News: Jean Delacour (Portrait). 130.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 130-132.
Officers and Members of the Cooper Ornithological Club. 133-148.

From Field and Study

Notes on a Young Golden Eagle in Colorado. 124.
T. H. Rawles, L. R. Rawles.
Hutton Vireo Nesting in February. 124.
Wilson C. Hanna.
The Clark Nutcracker at Sea Level. 125.
Egmont Z. Rett.
Red-Naped Sapsucker and Rufous Hummingbird. 125.
A. M. Woodbury.
Fewer Golden-Crowned Sparrows at Woodacre Station This Winter (1937-38). 125.
Joseph Mailliard.
Black Oyster-Catchers at Point Lobos. 125-126.
Charles W. Michael.
The Wandering Albatross in the Bay of Panama. 126.
Robert Cushman Murphy.
Concentration of English Sparrows to Feed on Oak Galls. 126-127.
Frank Richardson.
Two Late Fall Records of Birds in the San Francisco Bay Region. 127.
Joe R. Marshall, Jr..
The Rusty Blackbird in Kern County, California. 127.
Kenneth E. Stager.
Homing Instinct" in the Golden-Crowned Sparrow". 127-128.
E. L. Summer, Sr..
A Species New to the Known Avifauna of Lower California. 128.
Laurence M. Huey.
Distribution of the Races of the Williamson Sapsucker in British Columbia. 128-129.
Ian Mctaggart Cowan.
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