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The Condor, Volume 40, Number 1 (1938)

1 (January-February)


Nesting of the Western Goshawk in California. 3-11.
James B. Dixon, Ralph E. Dixon.
Allan Brooks-A Biography. 12-17.
Marjorie Brooks.
The Status of the Sandhill Crane in Utah and Southern Idaho. 18-22.
John W. Sugden.
Unusual Birds and Extensions of Ranges in Sonora, Sinaloa and Chihuahua, Mexico. 23-28.
Robert T. Moore.
Notes and News. 45-47.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 47-48.

From Field and Study

A New Subspieces of Pine Grosbeak From Arizona with Critical Notes on Other Races. 28-35.
Randolph Jenks.
Geographic Variation in Some Birds in Nevada. 36-38.
Jean M. Linsdale.
Rare Birds at a Pasadena Banding Station. 38-40.
Harold Michener, Josephine R. Michener.
A September Mourning Dove's Nest. 40.
J. D. Graham.
Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher in Southern California. 40.
Gilbert Philip.
Another California Record of Red-Billed Tropic Bird. 40.
J. W. Sefton, Jr..
Some Waterfowl Nesting Records From Vicinity of Redlands, California. 40.
Harold M. Hill.
Snowy Plover Nesting in Merced County, California. 40-41.
W. E. Unglish.
California Ground Squirrel Robs Nest of Valley Quail. 41-42.
John T. Emlen, Jr.,, Ben Glading.
An Early Spring Migration Record for Calliope Hummingbird. 42.
Robert S. Woods.
A Black Phoebe's Nest with Eggs of Three Species. 42.
Emerson A. Stoner.
Calliope Hummingbird at Zion National Park. 42.
Laura A. Stephens.
Safe Packing of Dry Study-Skins of Birds for Shipment. 42-43.
Margaret W. Wythe.
Dove Dies of Heart Ailment. 43.
Lila M. Lofberg.
Saskatchewan Orioles. 44.
Laurence B. Potter.
An Albino White-Faced Glossy Ibis. 44.
Mrs. C. W. Lockerbie.
Long-Crested Jay in Southeastern California. 44.
C. O. Reis.
Brewster Egret Nesting in Colorado. 44-45.
Alfred M. Bailey, Robert J. Niedrach.
Fork-Tailed Petrel in San Francisco Bay Region. 45.
Alden H. Miller.
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