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The Condor, Volume 37, Number 1 (1935)

1 (January-February)


Meeting the Condor on Its Own Ground (With Three Ills.). 5-11.
Ernest I. Dyer.
Geologic Factors in the Distribution of Birds. 11-15.
Junea W. Kelly.
Fire and Bird Populations. 16-18.
Harold W. Clark.
The Thick-Billed Parrot in Southern Arizona. 18-21.
Alexander Wetmore.
Geographical Distribution and Display Colors of Trochilidae. 21-24.
A. L. Pickens.
A History of the Bird Colonies of Great Salt Lake. 24-35.
William H. Behle.
Notes and News. 45.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 46-48.

From Field and Study

Another Invasion of Wood Ibises in Southern California. 35-36.
Clinton G. Abbott.
Nesting Habits of Cormorants. 36-37.
Chas. W. Michael.
Altitudinal Migration in Southern Utah. 37-38.
C. C. Presnall.
An Influx of Dickcissels Into Central Colorado. 38.
Gordon Alexander.
Records of Green-Tailed Towhees in the San Francisco Bay Region. 38-39.
E. L. Sumner, Sr..
Three Subspecies of Birds Not Previously Reported From Kansas. 39.
W. S. Long.
A Creeper Foraging Head Downward. 39.
C. C. Presnall.
The Subspecific Status of the Hutton Vireo of Vancouver Island. 40.
J. Grinnell.
Nesting of the Pacific Evening Grosbeak in the Vicinity of Echo Lake, Eldorado County, California. 40-42.
Dudley S. Degroot.
The Lesser Yellow-Legs Near San Diego in Winter. 42-43.
Chas. W. Michael.
Water Ouzel Nests on Black River, Arizona. 43.
Charles W. Quaintance.
An Anserine Fossil From the Pliocene of Western Nebraska. 43-44.
Lawrence V. Compton.
Winter Wren and Pileated Woodpecker on the Greenhorn Mountains, California. 44-45.
J. Grinnell.

Publications Reviewed

Life History of the Gambel Quail in Arizona, By David M. Gorsuch. 45-46.
H. S. Swarth.
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