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The Condor, Volume 34, Number 4 (1932)

4 (July-August)


John Eugene Law-A Biography (With Portrait). 165-173.
Joseph Grinnell.
A New Race of Bob-White From Costa Rica. 174-175.
H. B. Conover.
Food Habits of Southern Wisconsin Raptors Part I. Owls. 176-186.
Paul L. Errington.
The Maryland Hawk Bounty. 187-188.
A. Brazier Howell.
Editorial Notes and News. 194-195.
J. Grinnell.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 198-200.
Hilda W. Grinnell, R. B. Cowles.
Seventh Annual Meeting. 200-203.
T. I. Storer.
Governors' Meeting. 203-204.
T. I. Storer.

From Field and Study

Waxwings Eating Spoiled Fruits. 189.
Loye Miller.
Forehandedness of California Jays Begins Early. 189-190.
Joseph Mailliard.
Winter Occurrence of the Townsend Warbler at Portland, Oregon. 190.
Stanley G. Jewett.
Bird Notes From Santa Cruz Island. 190.
Ralph Hoffmann.
The Townsend Solitaire in San Francisco. 190-191.
James Moffitt.
An Unusual Callinaceous Hybrid. 191.
Stanley G. Jewett.
A Winter Record of the Painted Redstart in Arizona. 192.
Berry Campbell.
Bird Notes From Tehama County, California. 192.
Philip A. Dumont, James Stevenson.
An Unrecorded Nesting Colony of Yellow-Billed Magpies. 193.
A. E. Borell.
The Baikal Teal Taken in California. 193.
James Moffitt.
A White Steller Jay at Big Creek, Fresno County, California. 194.
Catherine E. Bower.
Surf Birds and Bonaparte Gulls at San Diego. 194.
J. W. Sefton, Jr..

Publications Reviewed

Review: The Normal Flight Speeds of Birds by T. H. Harrisson. 195-196.
A. Wetmore.
Review: The Effectiveness in Nature of the So-Called Protective Adaptations in the Animal Kingdom, Chiefly as Illustrated By the Food Habits of Nearctic Birds by Mcatee. 196-198.
William Henry Burt.
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