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The Condor, Volume 33, Number 2 (1931)

2 (March-April)


The Breeding Limicolae of Utah. 49-59.
Captain L. R. Wolfe.
Some Notes on Young Desert Horned Larks. 60-65.
Leon Kelso.
Further Notes on California Brown Pelicans at Point Lobos, California. 66-69.
Laidlaw Williams.
Bird Remains From the Kern River Pliocene of California. 70-72.
Loye Miller.
Editorial Notes and News. 79-81.
J. Grinnell, T. T. McCabe.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 82-84.
Harold Michener, John McB. Robertson, Hilda W. Grindell.

From Field and Study

Thrasher Psychology. 73.
Frank F. Gander.
The Kingbird Nesting Over Water. 73-74.
Joseph Mailliard.
Emperor Goose in Humboldt County, California. 74.
Lawrence Zerlang, J. Thomas Fraser Jr..
The Streaked Horned Lark Breeds in Northwestern California. 74-75.
J. Grinnell.
Occurrence of the White-Throated Sparrow in the San Joaquin Valley, California. 75.
J. Stuart Rowley.
Western Mockingbird, Oregon Vesper Sparrow, and Merrill Song Sparrow in Sonoma County, California. 75.
C. W. Edge.
The Barrow Golden-Eye on Lake Merritt, Oakland, California. 75-76.
Leslie Hawkins.
The Least Tern in the Upper Missouri Valley. 76.
Wm. Youngworth.
The California Condor in New Mexico. 76-77.
Alexander Wetmore.
An Early Name for the Allen Hummingbird. 77-78.
J. Grinnell.
White-Tailed Kites in Sonoma County. 78.
C. W. Edge.
Specimens From Point Barrow, Alaska. 78.
Alfred M. Bailey.

Publications Reviewed

Review: Notes on a Collection of Birds From Arizona and New Mexico by Harry C. Oberholser. 81-82.
H. S. Swarth.
Review: The Woodpeckers of Oklahoma by Edward Drane Crabb. 82.
W. H. Burt.
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