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The Condor, Volume 31, Number 5 (1929)

5 (September-October)


The Role of the Runt: A Taxonomic Problem. 189-191.
J. Eugene Law.
Gleanings From Recent Bird Banding. 192-195.
Joseph Mailliard.
In Memoriam-Edwin Carter. 196-200.
Frederick C. Lincoln.
When a Nutcracker Becomes Tame. 201-204.
Lila M. Lofberg.
A New Race of Black-Chinned Sparrow From the San Francisco Bay District. 205-207.
Alden H. Miller.
The Spring Molt in Zonotrichia. 208-212.
J. Eugene Law.
The Status of Some Pacific Coast Clapper Rails. 213-215.
A. J. Von Rossem.
A Discussion of Faunal Influences in Southern Arizona. 216-220.
J. Eugene Law.
Editorial Notes and News. 227-228.
J. Grinnell.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 228.
Hilda W. Grinnell, G. Willett.

From Field and Study

Hummingbird Flower Lists. 221.
A. L. Pickens.
The Song of Cage-Bred Linnets. 221.
Loye Miller.
A Fearless Great Horned Owl. 222.
W. H. Bergtold.
On Pellets of Hawks and Owls. 222-223.
Allen Brooks.
The Texas Nighthawk in Santa Clara County, California. 223.
W. E. Unglish.
Additions to the Rancho La Brea Avifauna. 223-224.
Alden H. Miller.
Hooded Merganser at Baldwin Lake, San Bernardino Mountains, California. 224.
Wright M. Pierce.
Additional Notes From Cape Prince of Wales, Alaska. 224-225.
Alfred M. Bailey.
House Finch Vacillation. 225.
Clinton G. Abbott.
Allen Hummingbird in Oregon. 226.
Stanley G. Jewett.
A New Race of Hummingbird From Southern California. 226-227.
J. Grinnell.
Protocalliphora in the Nest of a Mountain Chickadee. 227.
Tracy I. Storer.
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