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The Condor, Volume 31, Number 3 (1929)

3 (May-June)


Comparative Studies in the Growth of Young Raptores. 85-111.
E. L. Sumner, Jr..
Notes on the Food Habits of Certain Raptores in British Columbia and Alberta. 112-116.
J. A. Munro.
The Status of the Ring-Necked Pheasant in Utah. 117-123.
Clarence Cottam.
Editorial Notes and News. 133-134.
J. Grinnell.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 137-140.
Hilda W. Grinnell, Loye Miller, Harold Michener.

From Field and Study

Watching Long-Crested Jays. 124-125.
Clinton G. Abbott.
Long Breeding Period in Captive Mourning Doves. 125-126.
C. H. Woodward.
Economic Status of the Pine Siskin. 126-127.
Thomas T. Mccabe, Elinor Bolles Mccabe.
Hooded Merganser at Salton Sea, California. 127.
J. Stevenson.
Slate-Colored Fox Sparrow at Alameda, California. 127.
Frank N. Bassett.
Golden Eagle in Death Valley. 127.
E. L. Sumner, Jr..
The Pasadena Screech Owl Near Victorville, San Bernardino County, California. 127-128.
J. Stuart Rowley.
The English Sparrow and the Western Horned Owl. 128.
Leon Kelso.
Double-Crested Cormorant in Yellowstone National Park. 128.
M. P. Skinner.
Early Nesting of the Anna Hummingbird at Santa Barbara, California. 128-129.
Robert H. Canterbury.
Notes on the Avifauna of Santa Catalina Island. 129-130.
Don Meadows.
Ringed Turtle Dove at Large in Los Angeles. 130-131.
J. Grinnell.
Mountain Bluebirds Winter in Montana. 131.
Winton Weydemeyer.
The Cassin Purple Finch in San Diego. 131.
Frank F. Gander.
A Male Linnet in Female Plumage. 131-132.
Frank N. Bassett.
Ross Gulls for Dinner. 132.
Clinton G. Abbott.
California Murre in Orange County, California. 132.
J. Stevenson.

Publications Reviewed

Review: Habits of Oropendola by Frank M. Chapman. 134-135.
J. Grinnell.
Review: Rational Plan for Bird Protection by E. M. Nicholson. 135-137.
Jean M. Linsdale.
Review: Contributions by M. Hachisuka. 137.
J. Grinnell.
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