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The Condor, Volume 27, Number 6 (1925)

6 (November-December)


Banding Purple Finches in Pasadena. 217-223.
Harold Michener.
Further Notes on the Flight Performance of the Snipe. 224-226.
Lionel E. Taylor.
The Hooters of Skyline Ridge. 226-229.
John M. Edson.
Dangers in Bird Banding. 230-232.
G. D. Sprot.
A Report on the Birds of Northwestern Alaska and Regions Adjacent to Bering Strait. Part Vi. 232-238.
Alfred M. Bailey.
Editorial Notes and News. 241-242.
J. Grinnell.
Index to Volume XXVII. 243-252.
J. Grinnell.

From Field and Study

"Priority", a Prophecy. 240.
J. H. Fleming.
California Tufted Titmouse Feeds on Sunflower Seeds. 241.
David Starr Jordan.
The Pacific Harlequin Duck Breeding in Oregon. 241.
Stanley G. Jewett.

Publications Reviewed

Review: Field Book of Birds of the Southwestern United States by Luther E. Wyman and Elizabeth Burnell. 242.
H. S. Swarth.

With the Bird Banders

Pith and Pathos. 238-240.
J. Eugene Law.
Western Bird Banding Association. 240.
J. Eugene Law.
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