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The Condor, Volume 27, Number 3 (1925)

3 (May-June)


Observations on the Xantus Hummingbird. 89-92.
Chester C. Lamb.
The Courtship of the Brandt Cormorant. 92-93.
Charles W. Townsend.
Some More Notes on Saskatchewan Birds. 94-96.
H. H. Mitchell.
Photographing the Rufous-Crowned Sparrow. 97-98.
Roger Simpson.
Nesting of the Allen Hummingbird to Golden Gate Park. 98-100.
Harold C. Bryant, Ynes Mexia.
A Report on the Birds of Northwestern Alaska and Region Adjacent to Bering Strait. Part III. 101-109.
Alfred M. Bailey.
Additional Information Concerning the Birds of Yosemite Valley. 109-113.
Charles W. Michael.
Editorial Notes and News. 124.
J. Grinnell.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 127-128.
Ella H. Ellis, Hilda W. Grinnell.
Directory of Members of the Cooper Ornithological Club. 128-140.
J. Grinnell.


A Society to Protect Wild Life From the Protectionists. 124-125.
Althea R. Sherman.
Juvenile Nomenclature. 125.
Delacourt Dell.

From Field and Study

Early Technique in the Making of Bird-Skins. 114.
C. H. Wood.
Casualties Among Birds. 114-115.
Ernest D. Clabaugh.
Nesting of the Sage-Hen in Siskiyou County, California. 115-116.
Stanley G. Jewett.
Polygamy Practiced By the House Finch. 116.
Harold Michener.
Two Ducks of the High Sierras. 116-117.
Donald D. Mclean.
A Correction Concerning the Starling. 117.
Harrison F. Lewis.
Some Birds New to the Cape San Lucas Region. 117-118.
Chester C. Lamb.

Publications Reviewed

Cory and Hellmayr on Birds of the Americas. 126-127.
Alexander Wetmore.

With the Bird-Banders

A Banding Outfit and Some Tramps. 118.
G. D. Sprot.
A Banding Outfit. 118-119.
J. Eugene Law.
The Curtain Trap. 119.
J. Eugene Law.
The Box Trap. 119-120.
J. Eugene Law.
Collecting Boxes. 120.
J. Eugene Law.
Return of Banded Birds Removed to a Distance. 120-121.
Wright M. Pierce.
Remarkable Localization. 121.
Wright M. Pierce.
The Pattern of Feathers. 121-122.
Wright M. Pierce.
Molt. 122-123.
J. Eugene Law.
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