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The Condor, Volume 19, Number 5 (1917)

5 (September-October)


Notes on the Nesting Habits of the Clarke Nutcracker in Colorado. 149-155.
W. C. Bradbury.
Red Letter Days in Southern California. 155-159.
Florence Merriam Bailey.
Botta's Visit to California. 159-161.
T. S. Palmer.
Some Birds of the Davis Mountains, Texas. 161-165.
Austin Paul Smith.
A New Race of Fox Sparrow, From the Vicinity of Mono Lake, California. 165-166.
Joseph Grinnell, Tracy I. Storer.
Editorial Notes and News. 171-172.
J. Grinnell.
Minutes of Club Meetings. 175-176.
Ameila S. Allen, L. E. Wyman.

From Field and Study

The Oldest American Ornithologist. 166.
T. S. Palmer.
A Portable Nest. 166-167.
Ernest C. Mailliard.
The Black-Footed Albatross Off the Coast of Washington. 167.
E. A. Kitchin.
Nesting of the Wilson Phalarope Near Fresno, California. 167-168.
John G. Tyler.
Stomach Contents of an Oregon Ruffed Grouse. 168.
Harold C. Bryant.
An Early Experiment in Keeping Hummingbirds in Captivity. 168.
T. S. Palmer.
Notes From the Southern Sierras. 168-169.
D. I. Shepardson.
Some Further Notes on San Francisco County Birds. 170.
Milton S. Ray.
Nesting of the California Brown Towhee in San Francisco. 170.
George W. Schussler.

Publications Reviewed

Review: Birds of the Islands Off the Coast of Southern California by Alfred Brazier Howell. 172-174.
H. C. Bryant.
Review: The Fundus Oculi of Birds Especially as Viewed By the Ophthalmoscope by Casey Albert Wood. 174.
H. C. Bryant.
Review: A Distributional List of the Land Birds of West Central Oregon by Alfred C. Shelton. 174-175.
J. Grinnell.
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