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The Condor, Volume 19, Number 4 (1917)

4 (July-August)


The Ospreys of the Yellowstone. 117-121.
M. P. Skinner.
Habits of the Magpie in Southeastern Washington. 121-124.
Lee R. Dice.
The Winter Migration of 1916-17 in the Northwest. 125-129.
J. Hooper Bowles.
Observations on Some Fresno County Birds. 129-130.
H. S. Swarth.
Some Birds of Central Oregon. 131-140.
Alex Walker.
Editorial Notes and News. 144.
O. Widmann.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 147-148.
Amelia S. Allen, L. E. Wyman.

From Field and Study

Another Instance of Lead Poisoning in Ducks. 141.
Stanton Warburton, Jr..
The Bohemian Waxwing in Colorado. 141.
Junius Henderson.
Fork-Tailed Petrel and Baird Sandpiper in Southern California. 141-142.
L. E. Wyman.
Another Record of the European Widgeon From the State of Washington. 142.
Stanton Warburton, Jr..
Notes From the Fresno District. 142.
Winifred N. Wear.
Nesting of the Harris Hawk in Southeastern California. 142.
Leo Wiley.
Notes on the Black-Crowned Night Heron Near Denver. 142-143.
W. C. Bradbury.
Some April Nesting Notes From the Vicinity of Buena Vista Lake, Kern County, California. 143.
G. Willett.
Cases of Early Nesting in the State of Washington. 143.
Stanton Warburton, Jr..

Publications Reviewed

Review: How to Make Friends with Birds by Niel Morrow Ladd. 144-145.
Tracy I. Storer.
Review: Recent Publications by Edward Howe Forbish. 145-146.
Tracy I. Storer.
Review: A List of Avian Species for Which the Type Locality Is South Carolina by Arthur Trezevant Wayne. 146.
H. S. Swarth.
Review: Pets, Their History and Care by Lee S. Crandall. 146-147.
H. W. Grinnell.
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