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The Condor, Volume 18, Number 5 (1916)

5 (September-October)


More Bird Notes From Big Bear Valley, San Bernardino Mountains. 177-182.
Wright M. Pierce.
Meeting Spring Half Way II (Continued from page 155). 183-190.
Florence Merriam Bailey.
A Hospital for Wild Birds. 190-193.
Dr. W. W. Arnold.
Some Birds of the Fresno District, California: Supplementary Notes. 194-198.
John G. Tyler.
Some Bird Notes From Humboldt Bay. 198-200.
Joseph Mailliard.
Notes on the Golden Eagle in Arizona. 200-201.
F. G. Willard.
Editorial Notes and News. 206.
J. Grinnell.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 208.
Amelia S. Allen, L. E. Wyman.

From Field and Study

Black-Headed Grosbeaks Eating Butter. 201.
Florence Merriam Bailey.
A Nestfull. 201-202.
Emerson Atkins.
Sierra Juneo in Golden Gate Park. 202.
W. A. Squires.
Pomarine Jaeger in San Francisco Bay. 202.
John W. Mailliard.
Hummingbird Mistakes Scarlet Yarn for a Flower. 202.
W. Lee Chambers.
The Vernacular Name of Passer Domesticus in North America. 202.
Tracy I. Storer.
The Breeding of the Scott Oriole in Los Angeles County, California. 202.
Adriaan Van Rossem.
Variation of the Broken-Wing Stunt By a Roadrunner. 203.
J. R. Pemberton.
Notes From the Vicinity of Los Angeles. 203.
L. E. Wyman.
The Coming of the Cowbird. 204.
Harriet Williams Myers.
Humboldt County Bird Notes. 204-205.
H. E. Wilder.
A New Breeding Record for California. 205.
C. I. Clay.
Occurrence of the Condor in Humboldt County. 205.
Franklin J. Smith.
Lark Bunting at Cabezon, California. 205.
R. B. Herron.

Publications Reviewed

Review: Study of Feathers, with Reference to Their Taxonomic Significance by Asa C. Chandler. 207-208.
R. M. Strong.
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