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The Condor, Volume 16, Number 6 (1914)

6 (November-December)


A Forty-Five Year History of the Snowy Heron in Utah. 245-250.
Edward Antwonet, A. O. Treganza.
The Effects of Irrigation on Bird Life in the Yakima Valley, Washington. 250-255.
Clarence Hamilton Kennedy.
Breeding of the Bronzed Cowbird in Arizona. 255-259.
M. French Gilman.
Editorial Notes and News. 262-263.
J. Grinnell
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 265-266.
Tracy I. Storer, H.S. Swarth
Index to Volume XVI. 267-278.

From Field and Study

Arizona Records. 259.
F. Stephens.
The Struggle for Existence. 260.
John J. Boyce.
Beautiful Bunting in California. 260.
F. S. Daggett.
Notes From Sacaton, Arizona. 260-261.
M. French Gilman.
Migrations of the Gannet. 261.
J. H. Gurney.
New Breeding Records for California. 261.
Joseph Mailliard.

Publications Reviewed

Review: Game Protection and Propagation in America by Henry Chase. 263.
H.C. Bryant
Review: The Red-Winged Blackbird: A Study in the Ecology of a Cat-Tail Marsh by Arthur A. Allen. 263-264.
Tracy I. Storer
Review: The Birds of El Paso County Colorado by Charles E.H. Aiken. 264-265.
J. Grinnell
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