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The Condor, Volume 13, Number 2 (1911)

2 (March-April)


The Oasis of the Llano. 43-46.
Florence Merriam Bailey.
The Blue-Throated Hummingbird. 46-49.
Frank C. Willard.
Odds and Ends. 49-51.
Joseph Mailliard.
Doves on the Pima Reservation. 51-56.
M. French Gilman.
Notes on the Nesting of the Forster and Black Terns in Colorado. 57-63.
Robert B. Rockwell.
Summer Birds of Willow Creek Valley, Malheur County, Oregon. 63-69.
Morton E. Peck.
Nesting of the California Cuckoo in Los Angeles County, California. 69-73.
Antonin Jay.
An April Day List of Calaveras Valley Birds. 73-74.
Henry W. Carriger, Milton S. Ray.
Editorial Notes and News. 77.
Joseph Grinnell

From Field and Study

Pinyon Jay at Salem, Oregon. 75.
M. E. Peck.
The California Shrike as a Reptile Destroyer. 75.
Pingree I. Osburn.
The Spotted Owl in Northern California. 75.
C. I. Clay.
Early Spring Arrival of Bullock Oriole at Los Angeles. 75.
Antonin Jay.
Bobolink Again Noted in Idaho. 75.
L. E. Wyman.
Brewer Sparrow Breeding in Simi Valley. 76.
J. S. Appleton.
Notes on Two Birds From Santa Catalina Island, California. 76.
Pingree I. Osburn.
Blue-Winged Teal in Southern California. 76.
G. Willett.
Sparrow Notes From Fresno County, California. 76.
John G. Tyler.

Open Letters

Expansion of the A. O. U. Check-List. 78.
Frank S. Daggett.
Personal to Cooper Club Members. 78-79.
W. Leon Dawson.

Publications Reviewed

Miller on Fossil Birds of California and Oregon. 79.
Joseph Grinnell
Mcgee's Notes on the Passenger Pigeon. 79.
H.S. Swarth
Tracy on the Significance of White Markings in Birds of the Order Passeriformes. 79-80.
Joseph Grinnell
Manniche's the Terrestrial Mammals and Birds of Northeast Greenland. 80.
Joseph Grinnell
Felger's Birds and Mammals of Northwestern Colorado. 80.
H.S. Swarth
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