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The Condor, Volume 9, Number 4 (1907)

4 (July-August)


The Grebes of Southern Oregon. 97-101
William L. Finley, Herman T. Bohlman.
Nesting Habits of Phainopepla nitens. 101-103
Harriet Williams Myers.
The Thick-Billed Parrot in Arizona. 104
Austin Paul Smith.
Summer Birds of a Prairie Lake. 105-106
G. Willett.
Measuring a Condor. 106-108
M. French Gilman.
English Sparrow Notes. 108-109
William A. Finley.
Editorials. 112.
Joseph Grinnell
Directory of Cooper Club Members to June 1, 1907. 118-120.


Baird's Or Baird?. 112-113
W. Leon Dawson.
Nesting Ways. 113
P. B. Peabody.

From Field and Study

The Vermilion Flycatcher at Santa Barbara. 109
Bradford Torrey.
Where Does the Western Boundary Line Run for the Arizona Quail?. 109
Herbert Brown.
Notes From Clipperton and Coccos Islands. 109-110
R. H. Beck.
The Mew Gull in Southern California. 110
C. B. Linton.
Mexican Black Hawk in California. 110
C. B. Linton.
A New Record for Colorado. 110
A. H. Felger.
Magnolia Warbler in Oregon. 110
W. L. Finley.
The Horned Grebe in Southern California. 110
C. B. Linton.
An Interesting Occurrence of the Canyon Wren. 111
Edward R. Warren.
A Bit Too Previous. 111
H. H. Sheldon.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 116-117.
H.O. Jenkins, J. Eugene Law

Publications Reviewed

Mershon's the Passenger Pigeon. 114.
Joseph Grinnell
Gerberding's Bird Note Book. 114.
Joseph Grinnell
Chapman's the Warblers of North America. 114-116.
Joseph Grinnell
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