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The Condor, Volume 9, Number 1 (1907)

1 (January-February)


Photographing Magpies. 5-9
Edward R. Warren.
Magpies on the La Plata. 9-12
M. French Gilman.
Among the Gulls on Klamath Lake. 12-16
William L. Finley, Herman T. Bohlman.
Experiences with the Dotted Canyon Wren. 16-17
Wright M. Pierce.
Nesting of the Pine Siskin in California. 18-19
H. W. Carriger, J. R. Pemberton.
A Season with the Pacific Horned Owl. 20-22
Nelson Carpenter.
Birds Observed From Marysville to Grass Valley. 22-27
Louis Bolander.
Editorial. 29-30.
Joseph Grinnell
Publications Reviewed. 30-31.
Joseph Grinnell
Minutes of the Cooper Club Meetings. 31-32.
H.O. Jenkins, J. Eugene Law

From Field and Study

Feeding Habits of the Lewis Woodpecker. 27
H. W. Marsden.
Notes From Placer County, California. 27-28
Ernest Adams.
Band-Tailed Pigeons at Santa Barbara. 28
Reginald Rogers.
A Notable Sparrow's Nest. 28
H. R. Taylor.
The Alaska Water-Thrush in California. 28
Joseph Grinnell.
Another New Record for Marin County, California. 28
Joseph Maillard.
The English Sparrow in Los Angeles County. 28
J. Eugene Law.
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