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The Condor, Volume 6, Number 6 (1904)

Publication Information
6 (November-December)


A Laysan Albatross Feeding Its Young. Plate 1.
Walter K. Fisher.
The Black-Headed Grosbeak. 145-148.
William Lovell Finley.
Extracts From Some Montana Note-Books, 1904. 148-150.
P. M. Silloway.
Albatross Pictures. 151-159.
Walter K. Fisher.
An Early Notice of Philippine Birds. 159-161.
Richard C. McGregor.
Dr. Leonhard Stejneger (Portrait). 162.
Nesting of the Western Golden-Crowned Kinglet in Western Washington. 163-165.
J. H. Bowles.
A Set of Abnormally Large Eggs of the Golden Eagle. 165-168.
C. S. Sharp.
An Ornithological Comparison of the Pajaro Valley in California with Sioux County in Nebraska. 168-171.
J. S. Hunter.
Minutes of Meetings. 173.
Charles S. Thompson
Notes and News. 174.
Index to Volume VI. 175-182.

From Field and Study

Northern Flicker at Auburn, California. 172.
Walter K. Fisher.
The Texas Kingfisher at New Braunfels, Texas. 172.
A. E. Schutze.
The Inca Dove in Central Texas. 172.
A. E. Schulze.
The Destruction of Bird Life By Light Towers. 172-173.
A. E. Schutze.

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