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The Condor, Volume 1, Number 2 (1899)

2 (March-April)


The Rhinoceros Auklet at Catalina Island. 17-19.
Jos. Grinnell.
Prominent Californian Ornithologists: W. Otto Emerson. 20.
Nesting of Hylocichla aonalaschka auduboni in the Sierra Nevadas. 21.
Lyman Belding.
A Day with the Raptores. 21-22.
Ernest Adams.
Nesting of the Water Ouzel. 23-24.
J. M. Willard.
Early Hummingbird's Nesting. 24.
C. Barlow.
House Finches Again. 24.
Ernest Adams.
Capture of a California Condor. 25-26.
H. G. Rising.
Nesting of the Wilson's Snipe in Utah. 26.
H. C. Johnson.
Coming of the Mockingbird. 27.
W. Otto Emerson.
The Myrtle Warbler in California and Description of a New Race. 31-33.
Richard C. McGregor.
Editorial Notes. 34.
Description of a New California Song Sparrow. 35.
Richard C. McGregor.
Official Minutes of Southern Division. 36.
Publications Received. 36.
Expedition off for the Tropics. 36.

Echoes from the Field

Fall Notes from Haywards, California. 28.
W. Otto Emerson.
Persistent Nesting of the Anna's Hummingbird. 28.
Ernest Adams.
Notes on Lewis' Woodpecker. 29.
John M. Welch.
Notes on Audubon's Warbler and the Individuality of Eggs. 29.
Wm. L. Atkinson.
Hylocichla Ustulata Oedica in the Sierra Nevadas. 29.
Lyman Belding.
Early Bird Arrivals for 1899. 29-30.
T. E. Slevin.
Oregon Vesper Sparrow in Alameda County. 30.
John M. Willard.
American Crossbills in Alameda Co., California. 30.
W. Otto Emerson.
Albino Dwarf Hermit Thrush and Western Robin. 30-31.
W. Otto Emerson.
California Clapper Rail in Alameda County. 31.
D. A. Cohen.
Western Evening Grosbeak in Santa Clara Co., California. 31.
Ernest Adams.
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