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Ontario Birds Vol 38 No 1

Ontario Birds


Nesting of American White Pelicans in Lake Erie, 2019 2.
D.V. Chip Weseloh, Adam Byrne, Doug Crump, David J. Moore and James P. Ludwig
Effects of Double-crested Cormorants on a nest tree at a newly formed colony 14.
Justin Peter
A ground-nesting Bald Eagle in Ontario 21.
Daniel J. Riley
White-crowned Pigeon: New to Ontario and Canada 26.
Bruce M. Di Labio and Ross Harris
Thick-billed Kingbird at Presqu'ile Provincial Park: New to Ontario 28.
Bruce M. Di Labio
The discovery of a Great Kiskadee at Rondeau Provincial Park: New to Ontario and Canada 31.
Laura Rainbow Dragon
Extralimital records of the Great Kiskadee 34.
P. Allen Woodliffe
Aberrant colouration in some Ontario birds 36.
Kenneth F. Abraham, Chris J. Risley and D.V. Chip Weseloh
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