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North American Bird Bander Vol 45 No 3

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North American Bird Bander

Table of Contents

Feature Articles

Application of Radio Frequency Identification Technology to Study Nesting Behaviour of Tree Swallows 81-95.
Shae Turner, Eric Demers, Kyle Norris, Debbie Wheeler
Influence of Audio Lure During Spring and Fall Migration in Southwestern Alberta, Canada 96-105.
Cyndi M. Smith, Peter L. Achuff
Seasonal Weight Changes in Barred Owls by Sex 106-111.
Jamie M. Acker
Determination of Sex Using Wing Chord in Southern Vancouver Island Populations of Bewick's Wren and "Puget Sound" White-crowned Sparrow 112-118.
David M. Bell
High Occurrence of Foot Deformities in a Non-breeding Population of Chippig Sparrows 119-123.
Erik I. Johnson


Recent Literature 124-129.
C. John Ralph, Cyndi Smith, Pedro Martins, Walter H. Sakai

News, Notes, and Comments

Significant Recoveries of Banded Birds 130-134.
Michael R. North
Long Lifespans of Osprey Siblings Produced in Montana 135.
Marco Restani, Peter J. Harmata

Inland Regional News

Species Snapshot: American Kestrel (Falco sparverius) 136-140.
Steven Gabrey

Western Regional News

President's Message 141.
Holly Garrod
Announcing the Formulation of The Scientific Committee for the Marking and Monitoring of Birds in Venezuela (MASAVES), a Country-wide Initiative to Coordinate Bird Banding in Venezuela 141-143.
Miguel E. Matta Pereira, Virginia Sanz, Miguel Lentino, Jhorman Pinero, Gianco Angelozzi
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