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New Birds From Tanganyika Territory

Friedmann, H. 1927.
New Birds From Tanganyika Territory.
Proceedings of the New England Zoölogical Club, 10: 3-7.


  • Turdinus spadix n. sp., ♂, Nyingwa, Uluguru Mountains, Tanganyika Territory
  • Opifex n. gen. (Opifex is preoccupied by Opifex Hutton, 1902 (Diptera: Culicidae))
  • Opifex altus n. sp., ♀, Nyingwa (8000 feet altitude <2438 m>), Uluguru Mountains, Tanganyika Territory
  • Malaconotus alius n. sp., ♂, Bagilo, Uluguru Mountains., Tanganyika Territory
  • Hypargos nitidula virens n. subsp., ♂, Amani, Usambara Mountains
  • Spermospiza ruficapilla cana n. subsp., ♂, Amani, Usambara Mountains, Tanganyika Territory

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