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The birds of Yapo Forest, Ivory Coast

Demey, R. and Fishpool, L.D.C. 1994.
The birds of Yapo Forest, Ivory Coast.
Malimbus, 16: 100–122.


The avifauna of the previously ornithologically ignored Yapo Forest is described in an annotated checklist of 225 species. Yapo Forest consists of some 24 000 ha of secondary lowland rainforest and constitutes the largest remaining tract of mature forest within easy reach from Abidjan, Ivory Coast’s main city. Three species listed as threatened or near-threatened by Collar & Stuart (1985) occur in Yapo. It holds the most important known population in the country of one of these, the Yellow-throated Olive Bulbul, Criniger olivaceus. The checklist, based upon observations made during 167 visits over the period 1985–1990, includes notes on breeding, seasonal occurrence and general ecology of species, and on field identification of some difficult species.

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