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North American Bird Bander Vol 42 No 4 (2017)

North American Bird Bander


Diet-induced Plumage Erythrism as a Result of the Spread of Alien Shrubs in North America 95-103.
Jocelyn Hudon, Robert Mulvihill
Age Determination of Swainson's Thrush using the Distal Marginal Coverts 104-107.
Blaine H. Carnes
NABC Shorebird Bander Training and Certification Workshop, Paracas, Peru, 2017 108.
Lesley Howes, Christian Friis
Recent Literature 109-117.
Allen T. Chartier, C. John Ralph, Walter Sakai, Judit Szabo, Cyndi Smith
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region II (North Central) Fall 2016 118-124.
Andrea Patterson
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region II (North Central) Fall 2016- Braddock Bay Bird Observatory Kaiser-Manitou Beach Banding Station 120-121.
Elizabeth W. Brooks
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region II (North Central) Fall 2016- McGill Bird Observatory 121-122.
Marcel A. Gahbauer, Barbara Frei, Simon Duval
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region II (North Central) Fall 2016- Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory 122-124.
David Okines
EBBA Memorial Grant Update- Brian Palestis 124.
EBBA Call for Grant Applications 125.
Andrea Patterson
IBBA's 2017 Annual Meeting 126-131.
Species Snapshot No. 3: Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (Tyrannus forficatus) 132-133.
Steven Gabrey
Annual Report of Birds Banded in the IBBA Region, 2016 134-147.
Mark Shieldcastle
Notes from 2017 Annual Meeting in Cave Junction, Oregon 148-149.
Judith Toms
2017 WBBA Annual Meeting Scientific Session 149-154.
Western Bird Banding Association Grants 154-155.
Annual Summary of Birds Banded in 2016 in the WBBA Region 156.
Walter H. Sakai
Banders' Marketplace 157-158.
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