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Eastern Bird Banding Association News, Vol 20, No 4

Eastern Bird Banding Association News


EBBA's President says 48-49.
Paul H. Fluck
Bank Swallow Banding 49.
Harmon Nodecker
A Bungalow Trap 50-51.
William A. Tompkins
How to Buy Nets at Cost 51.
Cowbird Banders-Maine to Florida 51.
J.J. McDermott
Some Tips About Bands for the New Bander 52.
Mrs. Frank L. Townsend
The Role of Light Intensities in Bird Migration 53-56.
John V. Dennis
In Photographing Birds- Use Props 57.
Norman Fisher
Mist Netting in Panama 57.
Arthur Fast
Color Banding 58.
Gladys P. Ely
A Water Drip System 58.
Marie Dumont
Profile- Harold B. Wood 59-60.
Garrett S. Detwiler
Removing Overlapped Bands 61.
Mrs. Frank L. Townsend
"Sister Pepper" Has Nothing on the Gillespies 62-63.
Mrs. John A. Gillespie
Who is Banding the Most of What? 63-64.
How Many White-Throats 64-65.
William A. Tompkins
News in Brief 65.
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