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Eastern Bird Banding Association News Vol 31 Issue 3 (1968)

Eastern Bird Banding Association News


Articles & Communications

Accuracy of Pesola Spring Scales and Harvard Trip Balances 107-108.
Emil J. Berger, Jr.
Migration Trapping of Hawks at Cape May, N.J. 112-114.
William S. Clark
About the Sexing and Aging of Wintertime American Goldfinches 115-119.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Hapgood Parks
An Easy Method For Removing Bands 123.
Alan M. Craig
Observations Needed on Color-Banded Terns 123.
Catherine Pessino
Woodpecker Feeder 124.
Connie Katholi

The Annual Meeting

1968 Annual Meeting Details 95-101.
Constance R. Katholi
Minutes of the 1968 EBBA Annual Meeting 102-103.
Wilde R. Mellencamp
Report of the Treasurer 104-105.
Register of Attendance of 1968 EBBA Annual Meeting 105-106.
Officers and Council of EBBA 145.


President's Message 94.
Robert P. Yunick
A Bird Bander's Diary 109-111.
Ralph K. Bell
Foreign Recovery Information Exchange 111.
Books for Banders 120-123.
Mabel Gillespie
O.R. Corner 125-131.
Robert P. Yunick
Membership Roll of the Eastern Bird Banding Association 132-145.
News in Brief 146.
Banders' Aids 147.
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