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The Migrant, Vol 35 Issue 3

Tennessee Ornithological Society/The Migrant
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Golden Eagle on Roan Mountain 58
Kenneth H. Dubke
A Tennessee Nesting of the Black Rail 59
Richard Nevius
THE SEASON: Nashville, 61; At Cabincroft (Lebanon), 62; Knoxville, 63; Greeneville, 64; Bristol, 64 and Elizabethton 61
Thomas E. McPherson 1900-1964 67
Lee R. Herndon
President's Message 67
Sue Bell
ROUND TABLE NOTES: Blue Grosbeak Nest near Bristol, by Wallace Coffey, 68; Carolina Chickadee Feeding Young Cowbird., by Wallace Coffey, 68; Summer Record of the Short-billed Marsh Wren, by John C. Ogden, 69; Cattle Egret in Greene County, by Ruth Nevius, 70; Partial Summer Diet of a Brown Thrasher, by Richard Nevius, 70; An Additional Snowy Owl Record for 1930, by John Wallace Coffey, 71; An Egg Within an Egg, by Albert F. Ganier, 71; Yankee Yellowthroat in Tennessee, by Mrs. Ben Clark 68
BOOK REVIEW: The World of Birds by James Fisher and Roger Tory Peterson 72
Lee R. Herndon
Membership List of the Tennessee Ornithological Society 73
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