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The Migrant, Vol 34 Issue 2

Tennessee Ornithological Society/The Migrant
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First Nesting Record of Bobolink in Tennessee 17
Kenneth H. Dubke
First Breeding Record of Virginia Rail in Tennessee 20
Mrs. E.M. West
Two Days at Reelfoot Lake 21
John Ellis
Joe (or Josephune), the Crow 23
Lynn R. Spees
T.O.S. Annual Meeting, 1963 24
Mrs. J.H. McWhorter
The 1963 Spring Field Days by T.O.S. Members: Reelfoot Lake, 27; Columbia, 27; Cookeville, 28; Nashville, 28; Chattanooga, 28; Knoxville, 29; Greeneville, 29; Kingsport, 29 and Elizabethton 27
Tabular Records of Spring Field Days 30
ROUND TABLE NOTES: A Kentucky Bird Fall in 1962 by Albert F. Ganier, 34; Chuck-will's-widow Nesting in Area Again, by H.W. Nunley, 35; Canada Geese Breeding in Greene County, by Richard Nevius, 35; Un-usually Late Spring Waterfowl, Shorebird, Gull and Tern Records - 1963, by Kenneth H. Dubke, 36; Late Warblers at Nashville, by Henry E. Parmer, 37; Northern Birds Repeat Their Summer Stay on Roan Mountain, by Fred W. Behrend, 38; Willet on Watauga Lake, by Kenneth H. Dubke and Another Goshawk Record for Middle Tennessee, by Henry E. Parmer 34
BOOK REVIEW: Puffins by R.M. Lockley 40
Lee R. Herndon
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