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The Migrant, Vol 13 Issues 2-3

Tennessee Ornithological Society/The Migrant
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Nesting of Peregrine Falcon in Tennessee 29
Walter R. Spofford
A week in West Tennessee 32
Albert F. Ganier and Alfred Clebsch
Nesting Observations during 1942 36
Amelia R. Laskey
The Vesper Sparrow 39
Benjamin R. Warriner
Bird notes from the Great Smoky Mountains 40
Ann King
THE ROUND TABLE.-A visit to "Cranetown," Reelfoot Lake, 41; Fish Crows at Memphis, 42; The Season at Memphis, 43; Notes from Milan, 44; Swainson's Warbler nesting notes, 45; The season at Nashville, 46; A Peregrine Falcon at Nashville, 47; Red-cockaded Wood in Pickett Forest, 47; Cliff Swallows nesting at Chattanooga, 47; Chattanooga notes, 48; Herons of Chickamauga Lake, 48; Early arrival of Grasshopper Sparrow, 49; Woodcock nesting on Roan Mountain, 49; "Whisper singing" of Yellow-throated Vireo, 49; Ground Doves in Mississippi, 50; News-notes, Here and There, 51; Editor's Chat, 52
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