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Notes on birds from the llanos of Meta, Colombia

Mack, A.L. and Fisher, C.D. 1988.
Notes on birds from the llanos of Meta, Colombia.
Le Gerfaut, 78: 397–408.


This paper lists 231 bird species found in the llanos near Puerto Lopez, Meta, Colombia. The list includes 10 species that had not been previously reported in the llanos of eastern Colombia: Nyctiprogne leucopyga exigua, Phaethornis a. anthophilus, Cranioleuca vulpina alopecias, Polystictus pectoralis brevipennis, Capsiempis flaveolus cerulus, Knipolegus poecilocercus, Hemitriccus s. striaticollis, Cnemotriccus fuscatus subsp., Dacnis flaviventer, Icterus auricapillus. Data on seasonal movements of birds, timing of breeding and molt/breeding overlap are presented.

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