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Eastern Bird Banding Association News Vol 25 Issue 4 (1962)

Eastern Bird Banding Association News

Page 162 - 164 of this volume are not currently available - Jan 23, 2019


The President's message 131.
Merrill Wood
Who is on the committees working on the E.B.B.A. 131.
Herring Gull coloring project 132.
William H. Drury
International ornithological congress 133-135.
Frank P. Frazier, Jr.
Multi-cell gathering cages 135.
Coordinates 136-137.
John R. Given
An inexpensive banding opener 138.
J. Kenneth Long, Jr.
More on the travels of Herring Gulls 139-144.
John V. Dennis and William Pepper
Bohemian Waxwing information wanted 144.
Mrs. John Lueshen
A feeder trap 145.
John R. Given
Mason type ground trap 145.
An inquisitive Chickadee 146.
Michael J. Thomas
Banding with a purpose - the Downy Woodpecker 146-147.
Herbert A. Houston
11 year old Grackle 147.
The honey-jar feeder 148.
David Junkin
Operation recovery- Island Beach, N.J. 1962: sand, mosquitoes, birds and banders 149-152.
Frank P. Frazier and photos by Charles Lincoln
Book review: Bird Doctor 153-154.
Eleanor E. Dater
Operation recovery, Monhegan , Maine 154.
Squeeze clips available 154.
Notes on the netting session 155.
Frank P. Frazier
Converting longnose pliers for banding purposes 156-157.
Christopher N. Rose
Who is banding the most of what? -1961 158-159.
Edited by Lillian Cardinali
Banding pliers 159.
Additions, corrections and changes to membership list since Vol 25, No. (to 7/26/62) 160-161.
Traps and baits 161.
Frank P. Frazier
The workshop manual 161.
Evening Grosbeak longevity records wanted 162.
Anderson J. Martin
The legends on bands 162.
Wayne H. Davis
EBBA mist nets 163.
Permanent banding record sheets 163.
News in brief 164.
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