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Eastern Bird Banding Association News Vol 29 Issue 5 (1966)

Eastern Bird Banding Association News


The President's message 194.
Rebecca Cregar
Letter to EBBA's President 195.
Eleanor Dater
IBBA annual meeting 195.
On negative information: II 196.
Roland C. Clement
Is banding Barn Owls worth while? 197-200.
Mabel Gillespie
Titmouse postjuvenenal molt 200.
Constance Katholi
Operation Recovery in reverse 201-208.
Elise M. Dickerson and Philip G. Murton
Predator bandings and recoveries 209.
John B. Holt, Jr.
Royal Tern recovery from Tiger Shark 210.
Willet T. Van Velzen
Bradley's Marsh banding station report- 7 year summary 211-227.
Ruth C. Erikson and Mary June Wolcott
Additions and corrections to membership list in May-June issue 228.
A Bird Bander's Diary July-August 229-231.
Ralph K. Bell
Books for banders 232-234.
Edited by Mabel Gillespie
Question and answers 235.
Co-editor needed for The Ring 236.
EBBA's $100 award in ornithology 236.
More older birds, as evidence by returns 237.
Kathleen S. Anderson
News in brief 238.
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