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Eastern Bird Banding Association News Vol 27 Issue 5 (1964)

Eastern Bird Banding Association News


The Presidents Message 194.
John R. Given
The front cover 194.
A Bird Banders Diary July -August 195-196.
Ralph K. Bell
The juvenal plumage 197.
Charles H. Blake
Collector's items for sale 197.
Flashlights on bats 197.
Tortugas Turn banding records broken 198.
James Richardson
A guide to the ageing and sexing of Wood Warblers (Parulidae) in fall 199-215.
Chandler S. Robbins
Books for banders 216-218.
Edited by Mabel Gillespie
French Conservation stamp 218.
Ronald Leberman
Some physical characteristics of nesting sites used by Bank Swallows 219-227.
Selden James Spencer
Walden appointed naturalist at Washington Crossing 227.
Island Beach Operation Recovery 1964 228.
Photos by Frank Frazier
Mist net settings 229-231.
Photos from the annual banquet 232-233.
Photos by Frank Frazier
Bird trip to Scandinavia 234-237.
By Frank P. Frazier, photos by Sverre Fjelstad
News in brief 238.
Banders' aids 239.
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