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Eastern Bird Banding Association News Vol 26 Issue 4 (1963)

Eastern Bird Banding Association News


Contents 122.
Merrill Wood
The President's message 123.
EBBA commities -1963/64 123.
Geoff Gill's health improved 123.
Some older birds, as evidenced by returns 124-125.
Leonard J. Bradley
Documenting records of rare birds 126-128.
Bertram G. Murray, Jr.
A new international ornithological publication 128.
Three years of operation recovery at Monhegan 129-137.
Albert Schnitzer
Hawks high in the Andes 137.
Frank P. Frazier, Jr.
Advance netting session- EBBA workshop 138-140.
Ronald J. French
Identification (for the new bander) session- EBBA workshop 140.
Ralph K. Bell
Banding ethics 141.
Dr. Paul H. Fluck
A high rise apartment holding and gathering cage for mist netters 142-144.
Joseph H. Reisinger
Latest info- on nets 144.
Mrs. Eleanor E. Dater
The Bird Banders Association of Australia 144.
A rubber cage door 145.
Frank P. Frazier
Identification session- EBBA workshop 146.
Betty Knorr
Notes on the trap session- EBBA workshop 147-149.
Jane Church
Record keeping and project planning session- EBBA workshop 149-151.
Ruth J. Rose
Who banded what? 152-154.
Edited by Lillian Cardinali
Comment on "comments on traps" 155-156.
Daniel Smiley
68_ time repeater now also a return 156.
Malcolm Oakes
Dear 3692: (Letter written to Bill Pepper after reading his article "Island Beach") 157.
Wooden Shore bird decoys 158-159.
Raymond H. Bubb
Travels of Common Terns 160-165.
Mabel Gillespie
The continuing armistice between ornithology and medical research 165.
C. Brooke Worth
Band holder 166.
Mrs. Boletta Morris
News in brief 167.
Banders' aids 168.
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