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Eastern Bird Banding Association News Vol 25 Issue 3 (1962)

Eastern Bird Banding Association News


Contents 66.
The President's Column 67.
Merrill Wood
EBBA's new officers and council members 67.
The 1962 annual meeting at Cape May 68-75.
Report of the Treasurer for year ending Feb. 28 76.
Register of members and guests by states 77-78.
The ring 78.
Editor Dr. W. Rydzewski
A new species in Pennsylvania 79.
Raymond J. Middleton
AOU meeting 79.
Obituary Seth Haskell Low (1911-1962) 80-82.
Banding experiences in Guatemala and Costa Rica 83-87.
John V. Dennis
Wood Duck bonus 88.
John W. Taylor
Novice project plan 89-92.
Dorothy L. Bordner
Banding Screech owls and kestrels at nest boxes 93-104.
Stuart D. Henderson and John B. Holt Jr.
European Goldfinch with strange band 104.
The 1961 fall migration at Monhegan 105-106.
Cliff Swallow banding in Nebraska 107-109.
Willetta Lueshen
Operation recovery in Poland 109.
Dr. W. Rydzewski
Comments on the bird Magpie 110.
H. Elliott McClure
Barn Swallow banding- some results and conclusions 111-116.
Ralph K. Bell
The Blackbird project of the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center 117-121.
Brooke Meanley
Additions 121-122.
Your workshop committee reports 122.
Who is banding the most of what-1961 123.
Edited by Lillian Cardinali
Every EBBA member… 124.
Merrill Wood
Multi-cell gathering cages 124.
Permanent banding record sheets 124.
Next issue deadline 124.
Thoughts on the annual meeting- by a veteran and by a new member 125.
Marie Dumont and Christopher N. Rose
Gilbert Cant wins award 125-126.
News in brief 127.
Colored feathers 127.
Trinidad 127.
Banding pliers 128.
Mist nets are now avaliable 128.
Mason type ground trap 128.
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