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Maryland Birdlife Volume 64 Issue 2 (2015)

Maryland Birdlife


First Record of Couch’s Kingbird 2-6.
Kathleen B. Calvert and Michael J. Welch
Maryland’s First Live Photo-documented Chestnut-collared Longspur 7-13.
Thomas C. Feild, James K. Green, and Geraldine C. King
Rare Occurrences of Ground-nesting in the Northern Flicker 14-22.
Jan G. Reese and David Bridge
An Evaluation of Species Diversity and Age Structure during Fall Migration Mortality from Urban Structures in Baltimore 23-33.
Mark S. Johnson, Leslie R. Eastman, Robert J. Werrlein, and Jay M. Rubinoff
2015 Spring Raptor Migration at Fort Smallwood Park 34-37.
Sue A. Ricciardi
2014 Maryland May Count 38-45.
Michael J. Welch
2014 Maryland Fall Count 46-52.
Charles R. Stirrat
2013 Maryland Fall Count: Corrigendum 53.
Charles R. Stirrat
Maryland Christmas Bird Counts (115th CBC) – December 2014 through January 2015 54-64.
John B. (J.B.) Churchill
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