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Bird Observer, Volume 32, Issue 6 (2004)

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Bird Observer


Hot Birds 345-346.
Jeremiah Trimble, Joe Sutherland, Peter Alden, Phil Brown, Glen Tephe, Jonathan Klizas, Eddie Giles
Letter from the Editor 349.
Carolyn Marsh
A Tale of Discovery: The Americas' First Red-footed Falcon 350-354.
E. Vernon Laux
Identification of the Martha's Vineyard Red-footed Falcon 355-357.
David Allen Sibley
Red-footed Falcon: How Did It Get Here? 358-360.
Julian Hough
Massachusetts Miracles: The Gull and the Falcon 361-365.
Wayne R. Petersen, Paul J. Baicich
One Birder's Falcon 366-370.
Matt Pelikan
What's Next After the Red-footed Falcon? Predictions of Future Vagrants in Massachusetts 371-376.
Robert H. Stymeist, Jeremiah R. Trimble
The Provenance of Vagrants and Their Evaluation by Rarities Committees 377-378.
Richard R. Veit
Nagog Pond: Inland Gull and Waterfowl Haven 379-384.
Mike Resch
Index to Volumes 31 and 32, 2003-2004 385-393.
Bird Sightings: July-August, 2004 394-407.
R. H. Stymeist
At a Glance 408-410.
Wayne R. Petersen
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