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Bird Observer, Volume 29, Issue 4 (2001)

Bird Observer


Hot Birds. 258.
Phil Brown, David Larson.
Contents. 259.
Staff. 260.
Editor's Note. 261.
Brooke Stevens.
Birding Barn Island Wildlife Management Area, Stonington, Connecticut. 262-267.
Bob Dewire.
Fall Hawkwatching: When & Where: A Guide to the Best Times and Sites in Our Region. 268-279.
Paul M. Roberts.
Upstream Along an Eastern Tributary (Far From the Funneled Floods of Vera Cruz). 280-285.
Susan Fogleman.
Chronicling Spring Hawk Migration on Cape Cod. 286-289.
Melissa J. Lowe, Donald Manchester, Jr.
Possible Play Behavior of a Peregrine Falcon. 290-292.
William Moskoff.
The Wired Birder: Radar Ornithology. 293-300.
David M. Larson.
Cooper’s Hawks: A Population Study with a Brief Discussion of Sharp-shinned Hawks. 301-305.
Lawrence B. Fischer.
Field Notes. 306-308.
Marjorie Rines, David Larson, Susan Carlson.
About Books: Return of the Osprey: A Season of Flight and Wonder by David Gessner. 309-310.
Mark Lynch.
Books and Other Resources on Hawk Identification, Hawkwatching, and Migration. 311-317.
Paul M. Roberts.
Bird Sightings: March-April 2001. 318-338.
Richard S. Heil, Seth Kellogg, Marjorie Rines, Robert H. Stymeist.
About the Cover: American Kestrel. 339-340.
William E. Davis, Jr.
At a Glance: June 2001. 341-343.
Wayne R. Petersen.
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