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Bird Observer, Volume 29, Issue 1 (2001)

Bird Observer


Staff. 2.
Contents. 3.
Birding Close to Home. 4.
Brooke Stevens.
Pocket Places. 5-14.
Lisa Clark, Jim Berry, Stephen R. Mirick, Rachel Farrell, Robert H. Stymeist, Matthew Williams.
A Quadding 2000 Diary. 15-21.
Marjorie Rines.
Data Collecting at Your Favorite Local Birding Spot. 22-26.
John Liller.
Zero-impact Birding: The Human-powered Year List. 27-28.
Tony Federer.
Significant Recent Nesting Records from Essex County, Part 2. 29-35.
Jim Berry.
The Wired Birder: Group Coordination. 36-38.
David M. Larson.
Yard Birds: Fifty Years at Wolf Trap Hill. 39-41.
Kathleen S. Anderson.
Hot Birds. 42.
Marjorie Rines.
Young Birders. 43-45.
Will McCumber, Gareth Perkins.
Field Notes: The Unexpected Bluebird. 46.
Marjorie Rines.
About Books: A Task of No Small Difficulty: A Critical History of the North American Field Guide. 47-57.
Mark Lynch.
Bird Sightings: September-October 2000. 58-78.
Jim Berry, Seth Kellogg, Marjorie Rines, Robert Stymeist.
About the Cover: Bufflehead. 79-80.
William E. Davis, Jr.
At a Glance: December 2000. 81-83.
Wayne R. Petersen.
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